Printec Group


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Printec is a leader in business-to-customer transaction technologies in 16 countries in Central and Eastern Europe, offering a wide range of technology solutions that help improve human interactions, making everyday life easier. Through our solutions we enable businesses to leverage innovative technology in order to provide superior customer experience while achieving operational efficiencies and regulatory compliance. What makes us special Keep on innovating: We create the future of payments through people who are the next game-changers. Our developer teams create innovative technology-based solutions and services and work on projects that define payments. Keep on interacting: We drive business-to-customer transaction technologies through people who want to make a real difference. We create deliver state-of-the-art solutions based on the unique needs of our customers. Keep on experiencing: We encourage our people to challenge themselves and continuously improve in an engaging environment. As the market grows, we understand how with the right people we can grow together. We are restless. We are technology creators. We invest in research and development and design innovative hardware and software products that matter. A dedicated team of software developers, designers and other experts work on creating new products, or on customizing existing ones to serve the unique needs of our customers.

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